Recalling Childhood Memories


Our first meeting with the game ‘Hide and Seek’ is when we as little sit on the lap of a beloved family member, who is hiding his or her face – Peek a boo! The confusion and the little chock are quickly replaced by the joy of recognition and smile.
Hide and seek is a game, that can be played both indoor and outdoor. One person counts to ten while the others are hiding.  After counting the person calls ‘Ready or not, here I come’ – now it’s time to locate all players. The player found last is the winner and is chosen to count to ten in the next game.

There is no limit for the number of players in this game, not even adults - anyone can join the game. Hide and seek is a classic all over the world and is available in many variations.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... Ready or not, here I come!



As we start walking and running, we quickly learn the game of Tag. The purpose of the game is movement and being the fastest. Tag includes one or more players whose job is to catch the other players by tagging them with the hand. The one who is caught last has won the game.

Tag is one of the simplest games and has always been played outside in gardens and streets. It comes in many forms. In one version – Freeze tag – the person has to stand all still after being caught. It’s not possible to move until a player tags the person to release them.

Tag encourages children to help each other and to understand being, and acting as, a group.


The summer activity over them all! Building sandcastles is a true favorite beach activity.

Bring large and small shovels or just simply use your hands! It is possible to build farmsteads, tall city towers, harbors or classic castles. Decorate the castle with seashells, seaweed, small sticks, feathers and colorful rocks - creativity sets no boundaries.

The all-consuming pride and joy that fill the child, by the sight of the impressive sandcastle is a dear memory that spreads joy in the whole family. We cannot deny the fact that adults also can get completely consumed in the creation of the adventurous sandcastle.

Tip: A stunning picture can preserve the sandcastle for many years!