Never-ending stories...

At the end of the rainbow, it’s possible to find a jar of gold.

"Everyone knows the story, and hasn’t everyone wanted to look at the end of the rainbow to find gold?"

The rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon and its mysterious beauty has fascinated and inspired people throughout time. In childhood, we have seen the rainbow out of the window in the children’s room, out of the car window on a drive, on a walk with the family, on a holiday or somewhere completely different. It comes out of the blue, and the amazing color play in the bow always seems enchanting and magical to us.


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It has been there for generations and it is a part of our childhood memories: The story of the tooth fairy arriving at night when a milk tooth has fallen out.

The myth of the tooth fairy is ongoing, and she never fails. When the tooth falls out, the child saves the tooth under the pillow. The tooth fairy comes during the night and replaces the tooth with a coin. The child is delighted when discovering the tooth in the tooth box or in the back pocket of the  TOOTH FAIRY CUSHION.

 The sweet story will again be retold from generation to generation…