Join the adventure in the OYOY MINI universe

The OYOY MINI universe is a wonderland filled with mini darlings and fun accessories and toys that kids can play with. Our little family has many stories to tell and are so excited about sharing and creating new with you. The rainbow is so beautiful in all its colors and who knows if there is a treasure at the end of it?


// Enjoy an exciting day in the jungle with the MINI darlings family. There will be a lot of fun, but fortunately Mami Koala will participate in the tour, so she can be sure that the new darlings, Baby Anton Koala and Baby Felix Rabbit, will not get lost on the way. Soon they will meet with all the other sweet and fun darlings, and we are sure that they will all be best friends forever.

Take a trip on the savannah, where you will meet Noah The Giraffe and Baby Guggi giraffe. They enjoy themselves under the big trees on the savannah and watch the cheeky monkey Mr. Nelsson crawling around in the tree top. Up from the top of the tree, the little monkey is able to see all the way to the prairie in the US, where the Horse Pippa runs alongside the Little Pony Pelle. Where are they going?

At the cold North Pole, we meet the Penguin Pingo and Baby Bob Penguin. Baby Bob is wearing a hat, so he doesn’t freeze in the cold air. Sometimes the Polar Bear Knut passes by for a talk and a hot cup of cocoa. Together they love to knock holes in the ice and look down into the deep and dark water. If they are lucky, Ms. Ruth and Little Finn swims up to the surface to say hello.

Join the universe of love and meet Leo Larva's new best friend .... The beautiful Miss Lala Larva. There is so much love in the air. Together they take a picnic and bring a picnic basket. They decorate the trees with Pom Pom Garlands and invite all other darlings to a party. Who wants to join?

OYOY MINI world presents childhood memories filled with joy and love.