OYOY is for families...

OYOY is for families in the search of recalling childhood memories and creating new ones.

...more than just a design brand

We all have them: the memories. It can be memories of childhood, memories of something sweet someone said to you, memories of what you did on a precise date and where you were when it happened, memories of something bad, memories of something nice, memories of your favorite toys from your childhood.
The best part is that no one can take away the memories. They are with you forever.
Memories are a strange thing... Sometimes we remember the most indifferent things. Other times, we can't remember anything that we would actually like to remember. How is it controlled? It is a question that will never be answered. It's about gathering memories and carrying them with you through life.
The best memories are often from the childhood and therefore it is an important task as an adult to create experiences and memories with the children around you - preferably with other generations in the family. It can be as simple as a summer day at the beach where the child, mother and grandmother collect stones at the water's edge. Or in the garden, where the laundry is arranged while taking time to play a spontaneous hide and seek. The best memories are created impulsively and are often just about taking the time to be together and forget about everyday activities.


Definition of togetherness and why we pay tribute to it:
'One of the strongest values is the feeling of being with others - united in a community and the feeling of being part of a group. The group can be family, friends or acquaintances. Through experiences and time spent together, the feeling of togetherness will be reinforced. '
The family feeling is most important to us. It is the one that inspires us in the way we design and the desire we have for our products. We aim for our designs to be an important part of the surroundings that gives the feeling of closeness and togetherness.


In Denmark, coziness, or in Danish 'HYGGE', is an important thing in everyday life and we are good at enjoying ourselves with family and friends. We believe, it is in these moments that the best memories are created.
The Danish design heritage is associated with proud traditions and stories. The feeling of belonging to Denmark is essential to us and we are proud of our heritage.
We gather with friends and colleagues at events, parties, sports activities, celebrations, family gatherings, handball matches, vacations, etc. Often, food and beverages are part of creating HYGGE, which is why we give high priority to making delicious designs for the kitchen. When food is to be served for a pleasant time, it must be served in and on delicious kitchen accessories.

”Through experiences and time spent together, the feeling of togetherness will be reinforced.”