Definition of a lifelong relationship


There are different definitions of what constitutes a family. A family can consist of two (or more) generations - parents and children - living in the same household. Other types of family may be the single-parent family, the newly formed family or the family where the children no longer live at home.

The key to the family concept, however, is that it is a social group with lifelong relationships and close mutual feelings, such as love, care, addiction and connection, but also emotions such as anger, hate and grief. This means that family is not only people who live in the same house, but that it can also be the person who lives alone with a close relationship with the family. Family feelings are characterized by unconditional love and rest on a basic commitment and loyalty.

Regardless of which family type is referred to, the definition is that the family consists of a delimited entity. Everyone in the family acts on a daily basis in the public arena, such as jobs and institutions. The home is the base where all members of the family recharges to be able to act in the public arena. Family is important to man and every individual by nature needs recognition and affirmation in being part of a community.

There can be several definitions of the meaning of the word family and it is up to the individual how to define it. For some, it is not a requirement that family be blood related, but family can be friends with whom there is a very special relationship.

Most importantly - and what you can hope for - is that the family is a safe base where you can be yourself and feel loved. A safe home forms the basis for good childhood memories, which is a basic experience to carry with you through life.

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